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Experimental support for PayPal Donations:


Several people inquired whether there's a way to donate to this effort. I had never really thought of charging for access to my work but I figured I'm as happy as anybody if someone sends me a couple bucks here or there. I guess it's the closest a capitalist society can come to a slap on the back.

Of course I had to move this page from its original home at the California Institute of Technology to its own dedicated domain -- This isn't a little hobby operation any more, I am getting about 20,000 hits a month, serving tens of GB every month - and should not do this out of my personal web-space. And at this level of bandwidth, nothing short of unmetered BW will do - and that costs money. So I set up this page for people to throw me a buck if they feel like it. I don't expect to make any money here but if it helps pay for the web-space, I'm not going to complain.

The link is up there. Thanks in advance.