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Small standalone tools

I finally started a little webpage to accumulate some of my quick throwaway tools that turned out in hindsight not quite to be so throwaway after all.

This page is very much a work in progress, as I'm trying to collect, document, and finally make presentable many of the small 'thingies' I've created over time.

Lately, much of my codework has been in Tcl/Tk, so if you don't have Unix/Linux (which usually come with Tcl/Tk preinstalled) you may have to get Tcl for Windows or MacOs -- links are provided where necessary.

Large Posters in LATEX

Large-scale poster-presentation, letter-sized handouts, even thumbnail images - all from the same TEX file. With one handy little set of tools.

IDL/GDL for programmers

IDL comes with a lot of documentation, but sometimes a newcomer just wants the skinny on a language; the things that are different from other languages and that are likely to come back and bite him or her. And free clones like GDL are getting powerful enough to be considered for serious data processing tasks. So I compiled a little introduction to GDL to cover the syntactic basics. User input is welcome.

Ionization energy loss

A little ditty that I use frequently and that might come in handy for the one or other person here or there. If I ever find the time, I'd like to write a straight php version of this that can handle stacks of targets...

As the crow flies...

For some reason I couldn't find a simple little program that computes the great-circle distance between two locations on the earth when I looked for it. So I wrote one.

Much more to come

I have a large directory full of these, and they'll appear here at the rate at which I find the time to clean them up and write documentation for them...

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