The first pictures of the sprog!

When Liz was about 4.5 months pregnant, the following ultrasound images were taken. They aren't really "Asa"-pictures, as the budding shrimp didn't even have a name yet - as a matter of fact it was only at this Ob/Gyn visit that we learned his sex.

In this image we can see a foot, sticking out upwards. There is a shade of his head visible under the foot in the right lower half of the image.

This is a more complete image of the whole guy: He's lying on his back and the foot and leg are quite visible. The toes are almost touching the forehead - if you squint a little, you can make out his skull with pronounced cheeks.

This is a better view of a cross-section of his head - unfortunately at the cost of losing the leg, so the orientation isn't as clear. As it turns out he was starting to turn right then, which gave us the following fabulous image:

Yes, he's looking right into the camera (or better the ultrasound transceiver). You can clearly make out eyes, the nose, and what must be a smile for the photographers.

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