The newest batch of pictures of the amazing Asa
(age here: about 9-10 months)

The Anniversary:

Asa's first official function was at the anniversary party of his grandparents: lots of attentive strangers and the opportunity to show off how well he can stand on a chair.
He was amazingly well behaved for a little guy in a room full of strangers

And we managed to have one of the extremely rare pictures taken with all three of us in them:

Literary exchange

"Let me recommend this treatise, old sport, for its excellent exposition of the living condition of young sea mammals..."


Graham crackers, that is. Two at a time. Unfortunately my ten year old $19.95 photo-click isn't really up for close-up photography under difficult light conditions...

"...And let me demonstrate to you, Ladies and Gentlemen, the many advantages of this versatile baby-toy..."

Tissue paper

One of the perks of mobility is the ability to get to the boxes with tissue papers, of which every baby-household has at least a half-dozen in strategically chosen places.

With the predictable result...
And if the adults hide the boxes, there's more paper elsewhere...


And yes, he does sleep. Eventually. Sometimes. Here's the proof:

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