Asa has his own web page!

A lot has happened since we moved to Pasadena, most of which is directly attributable to the birth of our son Asa.

Year One

There are some ultrasound images from an early Ob/Gyn visit.
A writeup of his birth-story can be found here.
Some early pictures from the first few weeks are here.
We have pictures from age 4-7 months.
Some 8-9 Month stuff...
Asa from 9-10 months.
In these pictures he's going on a year old.

Year Two

Here's Asa in early 2003
Springtime with Asa.
Early summer as a toddler.
More summer pictures.
And the latest pictures we have online can always be found at

Year Three

Instead of just more pictures, this spring we made a little video of Asa's progress (wmv format).